If Larry turns out to not be real, I will honestly leave this fandom. And before you start hating on me, let me explain. I won’t leave because I don’t want Louis and Harry to be happy with someone else, their happiness means the world to me. It’s not because I hate Eleanor, or Louis/Harry’s future…



do you ever get hit with the sudden realization that harry styles is a real person and not just a picture on your screen and that there’s actually a boy out there who lives in the same world as you who’s kind, goofy, funny, mature, respectful towards everyone he meets and sometimes a total dork at…



Disney/Avatar Mashup. 1

Water Bender Ariel

Airbender, Pocahontas

Snow White and the Seven Earth Benders

Firebender Princess Jasmine

Mulan of the Kyoshi Warriors

Disney Order of the White Lotus(Chief Powhatan: Master Airbender and High priest of the air nomads.

Maurice: Master earth/metal bender and lead inventor for the Earth King 

Merlin: Master Firebender and tea connoisseur. With his faithful messenger hawk/owl.

Fa Zhou: Master swordsman and sword maker.

King Triton: Master Water Bender and leader of the Northern Water Tribe.)

Swamp Bender Tiana

Princess Aurora of the Northern Water Tribe

Rapunzel of the Ancient Sun Warriors

Megara, Master of Throwing Daggers